Why Aren’t Potential Customers Reading Your Articles? 2 Quick Reasons Why & How to Fix It

By David Schaub, Owner/Host of WNY Entrepreneur Podcast

Don’t read this part!

I love the little rebel inside of you! After owning a franchise for a publishing company here in Buffalo NY for over 4 years I have seen hundreds of businesses write articles about themselves, what they do and what makes them stand apart from their competition. I have to be honest. 90% of the business articles are non-appealing to read. People glance right over them. I bet only 20% of you are reading this introduction! Why? Because in todays world we have a short attention span and we have a million things grabbing our attention every second. So, without further ado these are the mistakes I see business make in their articles about their business.

1. You have a generic title that attracts no one’s interest

Title is everything! Seriously. It’s what determines if it is even worth them scanning over the article and checking out your bullet points. Do NOT put your company name in the title! It’s self-seeking and pushes people away right off the bat unless they already love your company. But we want new customers, right? Let the article title be about GIVING. Not “let me talk about myself and why you should choose me”. Most people skip right over this stuff. Time is too valuable.

Here’s how you solve the problem: In your title create a problem and a solution in the same sentence or header. Try your best to keep it short as well. For example a business consulting company shouldn’t put “ ABC Consulting, serving WNY for 30 years” or “Great customer service sets ABC Company apart” etc… It’s generic; no offense….nobody cares and everyone says these things. People usually just go with someone they know anyways. Instead something along the lines of “5 Mistakes Most Businesses Have No Idea They Are Making & What To Do If You Are”.

Another example for a lawncare company maybe put “Always Busy? How taking this one surprising thing off your plate will give you more time” That in my opinion, is way more attractive than a generic title with a company name in it. Relate to your potential customer. Now, of course put your company name in the article. I usually just put it once or twice and at the very bottom. I like a very soft approach. Let me just give give and give and by the way here’s my number if you want to talk further or know more.

Long story short, create a gripping title that MOST your potential clientele want to learn or know more about. Create a problem they relate to and then offer them a glimpse of hope you can solve it in your title to make them read the article.

2. Make the article short and to the point as much as possible.

I know its tough! We have so much to say! But most people don’t have enough time to read everything you have to say. Who sits still anymore? No one. We have their attention for less than a minute usually. Often if I even want to read an article it’s too long or I can’t easily navigate to find the answers that title promised it would give me. If you attracted them to read the article you have to make it easy for them to want to keep reading.

 My suggestion is to make 3-5 quick bullet points. Give them solid quick information but make them want MORE! Make them want to reach out to you! That’s the point correct? I bold 3-5 quick headers/tips and then 5-6 value giving sentences that make them want more. Don’t go on a rant! Got it?

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