Secrets To Running Local Networking Events

What are the secrets to running a successful local event right here in Western New York? We are glad you asked. David Schaub has run hundreds of local events and has been a featured speaker at national events. One of his passions is the art of promotion and getting others tied into a passion project of his. Here is some of his secrets to running local events that he has learned the past 10 years of running local events.

Promote, Promote & Promote!

Promoting and getting people to even know about your event is half the battle. You can throw the worlds greatest event but if most of your target market doesn’t know it exists. Well it doesn’t matter.

The saying goes. People need to see something 5-10 times before they actually see it. It’s true. One post or the same post multiple times won’t move the needle.

What you 100% need to at least do to make sure people are seeing your event.

  1. Posting on all social media platforms. The main 4 for me are LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. My target market isn’t on Twitter but I always post on there anyways. It’s not hard to copy and paste a graphic and words.
  2. Email Marketing Campaign. If you don’t have a big list, ask others who do have one and see if you can get on their list as well. Be sure to return value or the favor back. No one likes someone who just comes when they need something.
  3. Have a strategy to get others to post about their excitement for your event. Social Proof goes very far and people want to go to events that their like minded friends are excited about. How can you tie them in while bringing value at the same time so they post about your event? Again just asking people to share your event will get old to them and not get you as much transaction as you hope. People can read right through ingenuousness. Even in a post.
  4. Using video to promote your event. Your cell phone is fine.
  5. Be excited & share your heart. People want to know what you’re truly all about.
  6. Tell them right in the beginning what problems you’re solving that they actually care about. Think, why should they even care to come to your event or to know more? People miss this .. a lot.
  7. Try to do something different. Try to catch people to stop scrolling and wonder what you are up to in this video. People will keep coming back if they know you’re doing something different and fun. Not just selling them something.
  8. Get creative on getting the word out

I’ll have to admit. I don’t believe I am super creative. I just believe when something is important to you, you just figure it out. I try to surround myself with creative people who give great ideas and I just immediately implement them.

I’ve gone to almost every coffee shop and juice bar in buffalo to hang up flyers (For my book signing event).

I’ve reached out to similar organizations that I think would be willing to promote my event. I’ve showed up with donuts and coffee to their organizations randomly, built rapport and then asked to possibly use their network. Remember, always try to provide value first before you ask for anything. People get sick of takers, not givers. I’ve asked them about an event I can promote for them, post about it and rave about it and THEN ask a week later for them to do the same. GIVE first.

Google events that are similar to yours and see their wording and how they are promoting your event.

One way I try to promote my events is highlight others in the process.

People love being highlighted, and they will usually share the crap out of it. Don’t make it about you or your event. Make it about them. How can you highlight others and do a simple short shameless plug during that process?

Who is a big networker friend of yours that can help you brainstorm about getting the word out?

Solve Problems People Care About At Your Event

Most people go to an event because they believe it solves a problem for them.

  1. The feeling of giving back.
  2. Their friends are going and they want to be social.
  3. They want to network and make more connections.
  4. There’s drinks and food (Who doesn’t like food?)
  5. They believe it’s unique and people like to switch it up.
  6. There is a problem there that they are believe they can help solve. Or be a solution to.
  7. They love who you are and they want to support you.
  8. They want to be a part of something bigger than themselves and they believe this could solve that inkling.

People Always Show Up To What’s Valuable To Them

Questions to brainstorm about your event and promoting it:

What value does your event truly have to others?

Why should people care about your event?

What would make your event successful in your eyes? Be detailed as possible.

What would make it successful in other peoples eyes? Have you asked them?

Where is your event and will that bring more value to your event?

How much will it cost to have your event there and is that necessary?

Is there a theme to your event? Or should there be?

Who could help you run this event or promote it?

What day and time should it be and does that work for most of your target attendees?

Any other major conflicting events that could hurt rsvps? I’ve accidently done this with a big concert or other major event that was already planned and I missed out on a good chuck of people rsvping because of it.

How much should you charge and why that number? Does the value meet or exceed that price?

Be Different

That sounds cliché just typing that header but people are often sick of the same ole thing or a copycat version of something they’ve already done.

People like new things. What makes your new or different?

One thing that cripples events or businesses is they don’t evolve. Things get stagnant and that is often where decline happens.

How can you incorporate a new technology, a new fad or something that everyone is talking about lately in a positive way?

People want to feel up to date on things. How does your event help them with that?

How you can highlight your target market with your event that no one else does?

How can you make them feel special that no one else does or can’t?

I can’t stress enough to have a few creative people to help you with these ideas? I’m an implementer. As soon as I hear an idea that I like, I move right away.

How Can You Only Do What You Love To Do At Your Event?

If it’s a large event it’s great to have volunteers or staff to help.

Who is signing in or letting guests know what’s going on when they walk in? Should someone at least greet them at the door or tell them where to park?

Who is going to create signs at the event or help set up? Who’s going to clean after? After running an event, often I’m exhausted and don’t want to clean up. Can someone ahead of time be designated to at least help you with that?

What do you need to delegate at your event so you aren’t doing too much? Being overwhelmed or burned out mid event is totally thing and I’ve experienced it.

How can you enjoy your own event? Don’t you want to live in the moment at your event? What does that look like for you? How can you make that happen?

I love handing off things or details that others love solving/doing that I just view as busy work or too busy to do/before/after the event.

If this all seems overwhelming, who do you know that is good at organizing things or is a good implementer that is willing to help you with this? Being by yourself running or shaping an event can be exhausting. Have someone around you to help.

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