Rethinking Your Digital Strategy For Your Business? 4 Ways To Do So.

By Mike Bean, Owner of Bean Media

Want to keep up with the ever-changing Digital World? Don’t we all.

The world of advertising has changed immensely over the last decade. Michael Bean, founder and owner of Bean Media Productions began his journey in marketing almost 15 years ago. Following his time at the University of Buffalo in Digital Media Studies, Mike found his niche in video production & helping others with their Digital Marketing Strategies.

That being said, here are 4 to help your business get your voice and brand in front of the right people!

Video Search Engine Optimization

Affordable and tactical, utilizing video content in YouTube can immediately help boost SEO results. Video content is key, and when coupled with tactical SEO strategy, can provide a unique search result for keyword searches that your ideal conversion is looking for. This can be especially helpful in highly competitive keyword industries.

Blog Bank Strategy

SEO is crucial for the success of any industry. Results don’t occur overnight. You need to think of your website as its own sort of periodical. Google loves fresh content, and it knows how it loves to see it. Instituting a properly formatted blog strategy is a great way to produce continuous, colorful content that can help boost SEO results, as well as a double purpose on social media outlets for traffic back to your site.

Check out Mike Beans Video Interview on our podcast!

Custom Audience Targeting

Who do you want to receive your message? What do you want that message to say? When do you want them to see it? With the abilities that Google provides for advertisers to create custom audiences to target your display and video ads at, the possibilities are virtually endless. Dedicating time and creativity proactively can truly help put eyeballs on your message.

In-House Video & Graphics

There’s a bounty of digital marketing agencies in Buffalo. Not every agency can promise a team of creators that can produce and target graphic and video messaging right in house, all on the same page. Short format, animated messaging has become more and more successful with the ability to target. The team works together at every stage of the process, from the inception of an idea, to conceptualizing the targeting process, to contributing creative input during production, everyone on the team is always proud of what comes out in it’s final approval.

Ensuring that the client is proud of what is going out, and ensuring they understand the value in how it’s working, are the gifts that keep on giving and keep Mike and his team churning.

Bean Media’s approach to potential new clients is, Do you like who your working with, and are you getting the results that you want? Balancing the two is key when working with a digital marketing agency.

If you’d like to hear more about what Bean Media Productions can do for your digital marketing strategy, you can reach out via their website at, or just give them a call at 7168988074 anytime!

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