Questions We Should Be Asking Ourselves During COVID-19

During this tumultuous time, there are a lot of gifts. Often life is so busy and we like it that way. Whether we realize it or not, we are addicted to busy. Most of get an identity and feel a certain level of importance in being busy. It makes us feel important. When was the last time you had an adult over 30 say “I’m not busy”? Pretty rare I assume.

A huge blessing in this time, whether you are unemployed, a business owner, or working still we have more time to reflect these days. MOST will waste it.

But not YOU.

These are the questions I urge you to ask yourself, even if it’s uncomfortable or painful.

Do I love what I do for a living?

The number I’ve read are that 8 out of 10 Americans hate their job or dislike going to work.

The Myth I always hear is that we want work-life balance but that’s not true. We want satisfaction.

However, if we want satisfaction out of life it’s often difficult when we don’t like our main job or our home life.

If we don’t like one, they will affect the other.

At this time. I’d think about your passions, gifts, talents and what you can do for a living that uses those and feeds that passion.

There are more opportunities for employees, business owners and everyone to do what they love now more than ever. We just have create and look hard enough.

What areas do I want to grow in my life?

The first things that come to mind are Friends, Spiritually, Hobbies & Creativity.

Friends (And Significant Others)

Who we interact with the most we become the most like. How we talk, view the world (and ourselves), our goals, ambition and how we perceive our life; That’s all mostly affected by the environment we are in and who we converse with the most.

So my question is: How do your friends make you: Think, Talk, See the world and make you become the best version of yourself?

In closing, a fish can’t outgrow its tank. If it’s not in a healthy enviroment, it can not reach its potential.

How’s your fishbowl looking?


We believe in something. The question is what do you believe? Even if you believe in nothing (atheist) you believe nothing was created out of nothing. You believe in that reality. Most of us believe others will do their jobs, stay in their lanes in traffic, that we will get older, etc.. We believe in something.

My question is: What do you believe in and is that really what you believe and why?

Often, we think we have an idea until our life is either shattered, altered in a harsh way or something drastically brings us to a sense of questioning what we believe.

Think of someone breaking up with their boyfriend/girlfriend and then out of hurt and being lost they say “I don’t know who I am anymore”.

I guess what I’m trying to ultimately say is “Where are you putting your identity in? And is that healthy for you?”

If that business, job, relationship, dream or goal doesn’t work out for you; Who are you then?

Most people have no idea. This is the perfect time to answer that question and dig deep into what you truly believe life is all about (Not just being a good person).

For anyone who cares, my identity and foundation is in Jesus Christ. That never changes for me.


In our earlier years, we are easily persuaded to change our hobbies out of what our friends or early influences do. Maybe we loved painting, technology, a certain sport etc..

But we put it to the side and never pursued it again. Maybe its time to think about that hobby or creative project that you always wanted to do. What do you think?

What side project, hobby or sport that has been long buried but might need to come out during this time?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this part.

What do you need to let go of so YOU can make room for something better in your life?

This is often, my favorite question. The last thing we want or can do is add something to an unending list of things to do and maintain in our life.

I’m not asking you to add more to your life. I’m asking you to let go of something so you can create space for something better and more fruitful in your life.

Ask yourself this question: What do I need to let go, that should’ve been let go a while ago?

We all know what that thing is.

The unforgiveness of something/someone, The friendship that is no longer fruitful, The relationship you’re not happy in and haven’t been in a while, The project that no longer makes your heart sing and needs to be let go of, etc…

What is it for you?

And if you aren’t going to let it go now, then when?

In closing

When this epidemic is all said and done, are you going to be for better or worse?

Answer these questions honestly and truthfully and I think you’ll know the answer.

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