Robert Giuseppetti – Inspecting Our Business


Robert Giuseppetti: 31 year old. Former national touring drummer. Robert has owned 5 businesses. He grew a home inspection franchise to the biggest in Western N.Y. in only 5 years.  In 2018 his franchise was ranked 44th highest producer out of aprox. 700 franchise locations. Active real estate investor; Robert has owned 23 rental apartments/ homes. Currently owns/ manages 3 business business at the same time. Home inspection, real estate acquisition, and a radon laboratory. In this podcast we talk about how he started from basically nothing; Living in a home he bought for $3500 cash, to making it barely work to purchase a franchise he now thrives in and fuels his other passions. Robert is very straight to the point and always looking to grow his business. Check out this episode as we walk through all his businesses endeavors. We talk about what has worked and what hasn’t. 


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