Growing Up in Business And Creating Your Own – Jake Torcello


An RIT business graduate from Henrietta, NY. During his studies at RIT, Jake developed a business plan to scale his family’s small restaurant, Nathan’s Soup & Salad from one location to several, including a USDA certified production facility in the Genesee Valley Regional Market. With over 10 years of mastering the restaurant industry, Jake has now pivoted focus to wholesale production and manufacturing. Lean Life Manufacturing was established in 2016 as a prepared meal food manufacturer specializing in product development, testing, manufacturing, fulfillment, and distribution for customers who require flexible and innovative solutions, with an emphasis on quality and nutrition. Seeing the positive impact of healthy nutrition, Jake has recently started a fast growing company, IDLife, that takes the guesswork out of nutrition through personalized assessment and DNA testing. Jake’s belief in a Corporate Social Responsibility has lead to amazing partnerships with Holy Childhood and BOCES to provide job opportunities for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Job opportunities are also created with a partnership with CEO Center of Employment opportunities for individuals that recently returning from incarceration. Jake looks forward to continued growth with all three of his business and providing a positive impact on others lives through his products and job opportunities.


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