From Immigrants to Succesfful Entrepreneurs – Anatoliy Aponchuk

Anatoliy and his family are immigrants from a small village in Ukraine that moved to US in 2003. He is from a family of twelve, four boys and six girls. Anatoliy and his brothers learned roofing trade from working with another roofing company. After Anatoliys brother-partner Vitaliy had full cancer recovery, they decided to start their own roofing company. A lot has changed since they started AVA roofing, but they still hold on to integrity and family operation. AVA roofing became of the top rated roofing contractors in W.N.Y. in short period of time and very thankful to have such opportunity in the country that gives you freedom to grow your business. Anatoliy and his brother also started AVA Rentals in 2016 and hoping to create residual income from Real estate and Air B&B in the next couple years. 


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