Tony Gangarossa And Derek Solly – Raising The Bar In Business


Tony & Derek (who are best friends) are the longest tenured T-Mobile dealer in Upstate New York. They have been in business for almost a decade. Both Tony & Derek started selling Wireless almost 15 years ago and own multiple stores in Western New York. It was cool to see how they have opened, acquired and sold profitable locations in different cities and under demographics that have performed at the highest level through marketing, ethical sales techniques and a platform that is unique. This podcast is very motivating and perfect those who need a nudge in what they are going after. We talk about how they have evolved in an ever so changing wireless industry. *They were the first TPR dealer in Upstate New York and were able to be involved in a program that allowed them to use a platform that integrated all T-Mobile stores across the country in a market that a few years ago wasn’t even an option. 


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