About The Founder

Meet The Founder Of Wny Entrepreneur… David Schaub. David Schaub wears a lot of different hats as a business owner but everything is based around one word in his businesses… Relationships.

  • He hosts events in large affluent neighborhoods in Buffalo where his company also creates a monthly neighborhood magazine that the homeowners of that neighborhood write themselves each and every month. It’s all about them and he partners with local established business owners that value relationships with this target market. Here’s a PDF example and some information on what they do.
  • Runs and facilitates a paid monthly business mastermind group where are a small group of business owners meet to share their victories, problems and ideas about business.
  • Hosts the WNY Entrepreneur Podcast & monthly local social business events where people can intimately meet local entrepreneurs. You can sign up to be alerted about the next event here via email.
  • Owns a few short term rental properties.
  • Consults when time allows and it’s the perfect fit for both the business owner and himself.

More About David

He has taught leadership & entrepreneurship to college students and businesses across the country since 2016. David loves giving back and sharing what he learns. Stories, relationships and an obsession with learning drive him. He constantly says he’s a builder, not a sustainer..

However, everything wasn’t always this way for David. He grew up fatherless, was arrested four times, worked a dead-end job and was kicked out of college with a .86 GPA all before he was 20.

He knows what it’s like to feel lost & not have good mentors in his life. He credits Jesus with anything he’s done well in life. He has written two books; Never Complete and How to Feel Empowered When You are Overwhelmed.

David lives in Lancaster, NY with his wife Amber and their dog, Leonidas. He is a family man with a business, not a businessman with a family.

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