5 Ways To Get More Eye Balls On Your Instagram Account

By John Chiavaro, Owner of Social To The Limit


Convert to a creator account

  • Go into the top right of Instagram where there are 3 lines
  • Click settings
  • Click account
  • Click convert to Creator account, you may have to change it to a different one first the text should be in blue
  • This will give you access to more analytics

Pay attention to your analytics and use them as a guide

  • Instagram will give you great analysis and has 3 tabs of analytics
  • Click the button near the top of the page that says XX profile visits in the last 7 days (it is under the account name)
  • Open up the “content tab”
  • The content tab will show you what posts are doing well, it takes a couple days to update
  • If you click the “activity tab” you will get details on profile visits on a weekly basis
  • If you click the “audience” tab, Instagram will tell you the age range, gender and location of your followers
  • You can use the times your followers are online as a posting guide for when to post another option is the app “Tailwind”

Tell a story with your social media

  • Leverage your instagram stories for a more personal interaction with your audience
  • Save more intimate content about sharing a deeper connection with the audience for your story posts
  • If you are consistent with your story posts people will feel like they know you even if you have never met
  • Potential to sell high ticket because of familiarity
  • People do business with who they know
  • Make sure the niche you are posting within is popular

Post viral content alongside your content

  • It already has worked before! The internet has a short attention span and you can create a lot of positive attention to your brand with the right content
  • You have a higher chance of re going viral
  • You want to mix the medicine with the candy especially because instagram is usually a more shallow platform from a content perspective
  • As long as you give credit this gives you the opportunity to interact with larger creators as a fan and build a relationship off of your appreciation for their content

Optimize your hashtags

  • You want to find a good mix of medium low and high engagement hashtags so your posts can actually compete
  • The best way to do this is by testing different hashtags using viral content. Since it is guaranteed to be popular (if your niche is correct) whether or not the posts actually do well depends on the hashtags
  • No one really likes to see hashtags try and keep them at the bottom of the post and you can use more hashtags than you think you can.
  • Try to build a pyramid of engagement and review hashtags as weeks go by so you can swap them out.
  • The higher you stack your “winning” hashtags, the better your engagement will be.

John is the founder of social to the limit LLC. He has created millions of organic impressions and built strong digital brands for his clientele. He has grown several Instagram accounts with his techniques gaining them thousands of followers. His company is quickly expanding in response to the pandemic and he can help your brand build a strong online presence.


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