4 Quick Tips for Better Energy & Nutrition for Busy Entrepreneurs

By Danielle Pietrocarlo Nyhart, owner of Dani-Fit

If you are an entrepreneur, you know what busy feels like. In fact you probably crave it. It wouldn’t phase you to pull all nighters, and forget to eat. I get it, because I’m just like you!

“Me time” – what’s that?

We give it all up for the love of the hustle. The risks, the stress, the highs and lows we face each day as an entrepreneur will not go away, and that’s why we love it! As much as we love the business, our own health can easily get pushed to the back burner.

“But I don’t have time to be healthy.”

I call bullcrap!

Right now, there is someone out there busier than you, finding the time to “be healthy.” (I know I can say that because if you’re an entrepreneur that probably spiked your competitive side as opposed to offending you.)

If they can do it, you can too. I believe in you, but I also want to support you. Check out these 4 quick tips for better Energy & Nutrition:

1. Food = Fuel. You feel what you eat.

Cars need gas to drive. Humans need food to function. Simple as that. Filling up your car with crappy gas? It’s going to run crappy and probably not last as long. Boom. Mind blown, right? What’s crappy food you ask? Food that makes you feel like garbage after you eat it. Or for you fancy nutritional folks, “Inflammatory foods.” Sugary drinks, processed meats, bread, pasta, alcohol, cookies, ice cream, candy, are ALL inflammatory foods that are no bueno. Not only will these cause a major slump in your day, they can lead to some pretty wicked diseases and issues aside from increased weight gain. Cutting these foods out of your diet WILL feel like torture. Headaches, grumpiness and full out hangry rages can occur. This is due to the fact your body is ADDICTED to them. You will go through withdrawal if you’re a heavy “user.” I’m not saying you have to go “cold turkey.” Try the 80/20 approach – 80% eating the stuff that makes you function and feel great, 20% eating the stuff you are addicted to and trying to eat less of. Get through the first week and your energy will soar. You’ll wonder why you ever “needed” that doughnut every morning.

2. Stay Hydrated.

All though coffee + entrepreneurship go together JayZ+ Beyoncé, it can’t be considered part of your water intake. Every system in the human body requires water to function, so drink up! Memory function, concentration, balanced moods, increased oxygen and blood flow are just a few gains from being hydrated. It will also flush out that 20% as noted above. I suggest to my clients 100oz a day. You will hit up the bathroom like crazy until your body gets use to it, but I promise you will not float away.

3. Movement.

Whether it’s 10 minutes or an hour. Movement for the sake of movement is huge. Just like water, movement increases blood flow throughout the entire body. My favorite way to move (and not waste time) is walking. I can multitask by listening to a podcast and push my kids in a stroller, while giving myself fresh air, fresh oxygen to my cells and some mental clarity. Stretching at your desk or stretching in the morning, also gets things flowing even if it’s just a couple moves.

4. Turn off that screen.

Falling asleep is probably the hardest part about being an entrepreneur. You lay your head to your pillow and the thoughts come flooding in. Did I remember everything? Should I raise my prices? How can I market myself better? You immediately attempt ways to solve problems and devise the next million dollar idea. You grab your phone to search out your competition or look for inspiration. Next thing you know, you’re down an Instagram rabbit hole of watching people frost cookies and it’s 2 a.m.

Turn. It. Off.

Your brain needs to debrief from being awesome all day. Watching a screen or “blue light” before bed confuses your brain, and throws off your internal clock. Try removing screens from your life, one hour before bedtime. Better yet, get an alarm clock. Like a real one, that plugs in the wall and leave your phone out of your bedroom.

Entrepreneur or not, you have to fill your cup, and fill it first. Only one thing is certain and it’s that you can’t pour from an empty one. We wear so many hats. We lead, we problem solve, we delegate, we organize, we move, we shake. If you do not put time into yourself, there won’t be anything left. Be kind to yourself. It’s in our blood to be hard on ourselves when we get off track, but we need to treat personal failures just as our business ones.. Fail fast, and learn. Good Fuel + Water + Movement + Rest = A Happy, Healthy Entrepreneur. A happier entrepreneur is a happier leader who has a happier team, has happier clients, and a happier life.

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