5 Things You Need to Create an Inspiring Workplace

By Caroline Barr

If you are just starting your business or have been around for a bit but are feeling like you may need a boost in productivity; incorporating these five things in your workspace might just help you bring on that inspiration you need.


Living in WNY has its beautiful summers but when winter comes it can feel like we are constantly in a gray bubble. However, studies show that bringing natural light into your space can lift your mood and energy.  This isn’t new information but sitting in a dark closed in office or cubicle can really take a toll on your psyche.  Even in winter (believe it or not) natural light still exists and is helpful.


Just like natural light; plants can have an effect on us as well. In studies, workers have felt an improved quality of life when surrounded by nature. Not to mention that some plants even can clean the air you breathe.  Let’s face it, we have windows closed for about ¾ of the year; having clean air makes us feel a lot better – don’t you agree?  Other ways you can bring the outdoors in is by using natural materials such as stone and wood.


This is quite an important and often overlooked part of designing a space. There have been MANY studies on how color affects our brain.  For example, the color RED has brain-simulating power and can make you feel excited and energized while BLUES&GREENS can help you feel calm, relaxed, and hopeful.  Pro Tip: chose colors that you feel will help you with what you may be lacking. If you are constantly moving (and drinking coffee) maybe trying blues in your space to give you balance.

4.Multiple Work Areas

Be sure to create a space for you and/or your employees to move around. Using multiple rooms or work surfaces will help change your mood and can activate your brain in a different way.  Changing up where you are working can make you more productive and less bored at your job. Even creating spaces where there is room to walk around and step out from behind a computer is extremely helpful in the way you feel daily.


Hopefully, you are not working in a dingy dark closet but what I really mean by cleanliness is – clear the clutter. Clutter can make you feel stressed and overworked, however, if you work at a clean and organized desk space your brain feels like there is room to think.  So take a day and do some purging (recycling of possible) of paperwork and unnecessary clutter. You’ll thank me later, I promise.

These five tips, simple as they are, can really change the way you feel day to day at work.  Take the time to access your current space. Is it working for you?  Is it making you feel motivated? If not, try these five improvements and I bet you will feel a whole lot more productive. 

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